Household Financial and Investment Planning


This is the core of our business.  Lyon Park's planning process helps you make well-informed strategic decisions as life unfolds.  We analyze your current situation and provide a detailed assessment report, including recommendations.  Portfolios are designed for investment efficiency relative to clients' risk tolerance and risk capacity, addressing:

Fiscal Philosophy: your values about money are is just as important as how you manage it.

Goals:  including home ownership, education, retirement, financial legacy, and others

Budget:  including household income, taxes, emergency fund, and consumer contracts

Assets:  including portfolio (asset allocation, account types, expense assessment, etc.) pension plan(s), investment recommendations, and net worth

Liabilities:  including credit cards & personal loans, student loans, and real estate debt

Risk:  risk tolerance, portfolio assessment, insurance capital needs assessment,  disability, and job loss

Investment Advisory/Management Service


Once you have a personal financial plan, Lyon Park's portfolio management service keeps you on track.  We continuously examine changes in:

  • investment products and strategies

  • retirement products and strategies

  • academic research

  • laws and regulations related to investments, pensions, and retirement

  • long-term market valuations

  • changes to your personal financial plan.


Lyon Park seldom makes transaction recommendations based on short-term market fluctuations.  Instead, we make recommendations for adjustments and changes to your investments and financial plan on an as-needed basis.  While it is impossible to say how often recommendations will be made, our expectation is that it will be no more than a few times per year.  Lyon Park's reliance on modern portfolio theory implemented largely with low-cost index funds means that investment transaction decisions are largely strategic and driven by changes in your personal financial plan or overall portfolio imbalances from long-term market changes. 


While we believe that it is in your best interests to avoid 'fiddling' with investments, we are always ready to discuss your concerns, review changes to your personal financial situation and provide updated advice.


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