Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Financial Advisor and an Investment Advisor?


Financial Advisors can put their own interests ahead of their clients' but Investment Advisors are fiduciaries, required by law to put their clients' interests first.  Although a Financial Advisor can be a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), it is not the same thing.  Financial Advisors that are not RIAs are allowed to steer you toward the financial decisions that maximize their own profits.  Lyon Park is an RIA and puts its clients interests first.

Why should I hire Lyon Park Advisors? 

People who demand the best don’t go it alone or accept one-size-fits-all solutions; they hire professionals to find the best solutions to fit their specific circumstances.  With Lyon Park’s asset management service, our clients have a professional on their side to optimize their financial plans and investment portfolios as circumstances change.

Nobel Prize winner Robert Merton recommends using an investment advisor.

Why should I trust Lyon Park with my investments?

Lyon Park follows the maxim of "trust but verify" and encourages its clients to do the same.  Lyon Park does not make final investment decisions for its clients; clients make their own final decisions based upon Lyon Park advice.  Lyon Park works with clients to understand their needs and provides supporting information so they are confident in making decisions recommended by Lyon Park.  Further, Lyon Park does not maintain custody of client investments or funds.  Custody is maintained by third party providers; Lyon Park recommends TD Ameritrade.

We take your privacy and security very seriously.   Please see our Privacy Policy and contact us if you desire additional information.

What if I become a client and later decide to leave? 

This is one of the reasons you should work with a fiduciary investment advisor like Lyon Park Advisors.  The asset management contract can be canceled by either party, at will, with minimal notice for transition.  There is no 'lock-up' period on investments recommended by Lyon Park Advisors and there are no commissions charged.  Asset management fees are billed in arrears so clients do not "leave any money on the table."  Client assets are held by recognized third parties controlled by the client and are always fully accessible to the client.