Engineers and Investing

As an engineer you know you're smart.  You could probably re-derive calculus or fix your car's transmission.  However, that's not very efficient.   Math teachers and auto mechanics can do those things quicker with fewer mistakes.

Investing is more like project management than like engineering.  The project is reaching financial independence and you're the Project Manager.  You're responsible for cost, schedule, and performance and you have to understand and manage your risks.  You shouldn't be performing detailed design, you should be conducting design reviews.  You can hire good people and delegate, but ultimately, you're responsible for project success.

Don't confuse picking stocks and watching the market with managing your financial independence.  That's detailed design.  It may be entertaining, but it's way down in the weeds.  It's tactical, not strategic.

Lyon Park Advisors helps engineers plan strategically for financial independence.  Like a good project staff, we develop the project plan, do the grunt work and provide concise recommendations for your approval.  We provide as much detail as you want to feel comfortable with your approval but we'll never lose sight of the big picture.



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